Sale of the Fifth : Time and Requirements for Obtaining It

Do you need a loan and don’t know how to get it? Do you want to request money at favorable rates and without going crazy behind too many complicated practices? How to get a quick and easy loan ? Thanks to the sale of the fifth!

By making use of the fifth of the salary for a loan, it is possible to have the money by providing the bank as a guarantee directly with its salary. Let’s see together with this guide of ours, how do you get a loan through the sale of the fifth.

What is the fifth assignment?

The salary assignment is a particular type of personal loan reserved for employees and also useful for pensioners.

It is called a fifth assignment since the monthly payment to be paid is equal to one fifth of the net salary or to one fifth of the pension and cannot exceed it in any way.

The repayment of the monthly fee is easy and is debited directly from the payroll of the worker or on the slip of his pension. The reimbursement of the fee by the fifth assignment is managed by the employer or directly by the pension institution.

Difference between a personal loan and salary-backed loan

Difference between a personal loan and salary-backed loan

The difference is above all the repayment method for the various monthly installments. If a common personal loan is requested, the installment must be paid with a bulletin or with a direct debit while if you choose the fifth assignment you will pay the installment directly from the salary/pension and the employer or the pension institution will take care of the installment debit.

Workers who have a permanent employment, with residence in Italy and who are between the ages of 18 and 63, can obtain a loan with a salary assignment.

Even all pensioners who do not exceed 85 years of age at the return of the loan and with a pension higher than € 501.89 can apply for a loan with the assignment of the fifth. Self-employed workers cannot apply for a loan through the sale of the fifth.

How to apply for a loan with the sale of the fifth


What documents do I need to present to apply for a loan with a fifth assignment? Here’s the list:

  • Fiscal Code;
  • Unique Certification for employees;
  • Valid identity document;
  • Last paycheck or pension slip.

No need to ask for the help of a guarantor. The guarantee is directly the salary or the pension. The sale of the fifth allows you to apply for a loan even if you have previously had problems with payments.

Even if the assignment of the fifth is an extra guarantee, it is not certain that the bank will accept the loan request through the sale of the fifth, the case will also be subjected to a check.

The installments to be paid

The various installments to be paid for a loan with salary assignment are at a fixed rate. The customer can choose the amount to be paid and the time for repayment at the time the contract is stipulated. The only rule is that the installment does not go beyond a fifth, then 20% , of the salary or a fifth of the pension. We talk about net value.

The reimbursement of the amount by transfer of the fifth occurs with a direct and automatic charge on the pay packet or pension. The maximum duration for the repayment of the loan by a salary transfer can be up to 10 years. The loan can also be repaid early and at any time.

How do you apply for a loan with the sale of the fifth?


A loan with a salary transfer can be requested from any of the BNL branches. To obtain an appointment at the branch and with a BNL representative you can call the branch directly.

You can also make an appointment online on the official BNL site by filling out the appropriate form with your personal data and the time and day chosen.



If you have decided to apply for the loan on the web, you can immediately open a file and have the money in your account in about two days. These fast times are generally only obtained for direct online loan requests.

In the event that you choose to opt for a loan application at a BNL branch, you will be the one in charge of reporting to your client after how long it will be possible to obtain the loan with a fifth assignment on your account. Times may vary from case to case.

Interest payable


Generally for personal loans through the assignment of the fifth, the interests are lower than other types of loans. Despite the reduced rates it is possible to save money by checking the TAN e   the APR

The TAN is the interest rate, the APR is the synthetic total cost of the loan. The APR shows all the commissions that must be paid to obtain a loan.

We remind you that even if you decide to choose the online procedure, you can choose both the conditions of the contract and the TAN and the APR of the loan.

We recommend checking the many possibilities online, before applying for a loan. Doing research also allows you to choose the best and most convenient loan for your needs. With a search it is possible to make comparisons between the TAN and the APR and decide for the most convenient ones.

To understand how much you will pay more or less you can also make a quote. The quote is not binding and can be made online on the website by the official. With a quote you can get an idea about the various interest rates and also about the monthly payment you will be paying.

At the stipulation of the contract, interest and installment may vary from the value indicated in the estimate. The person in charge will assess the individual cases and decide how to proceed. Only when the contract is signed can you be sure of how much you will pay each month and for how long.