Online small business loans -Where can I get a business loan?

The lack of capital is no longer an excuse to not grow your business, because now, you can obtain, with low-interest rates and comfortable payment terms, up to $ 2,000,000, perfect to give the business that boosts you so desire.

We will give you access to financing for your company in a way that traditional banking cannot. With this product, you have the ability to grow your business through a fast and secure loan that can reach up to $ 2,000,000.

Where can I get a business loan?

Main features

The key to success in business is not to lose opportunities to expand. While money can sometimes play against us, you do not have to allow it to be the only factor responsible for the delay in your projects, since there are a variety of ways to get money now. In fact, between money and opportunity, it is the only money that returns.

If you have an idea or plan to expand your business and reach more customers and see that what limits you are capital, a trusted financial institution that for many years has helped its clients to progress by providing flexible financial solutions for that you have the possibility of growth without having to think too much about money. This lender serves a market composed of small companies with sales of less than 10 million pesos per year and with a team of 1 to 10 people, of which 95% of the companies in Mexico are part.

Loans for business will help you to return the money comfortably with the best amortization you can find in the market. Expanding is possible and in this article, we will present you in detail all the business loans of

How do they work?

How do they work?

This entity specializes in providing financial solutions to formal businesses with SAT (with at least 3 months of billing). The application process only takes a few minutes and is 100% online, which means that you will not have to waste an entire day waiting in lines and doing all kinds of annoying procedures. On the other hand, Guzman is a platform that does not need to know how much the company’s income is, they only require access to billing in order to be able to offer the option that best suits the particular situation.

Speaking of the billing, the amount that Guzman approves will depend largely on this factor. Currently, this lender is capable of financing ranging from $ 50,000 to $ 2,000,000 pesos. All this can be seen using the virtual simulator available on the platform, which like most lenders reflects the amount, term and fees of your loan.

Also, although the amount will be subject to billing, the term that is selected will always be respected. The maximum repayment term is 24 months in biweekly payments. In case the loan granted is returned in a responsible and timely manner, one will have the ability to request another with longer terms and lower interest rates.

In itself, the process to request a Guzman is fast, safe and simple. Carrying it out consists of the following steps:

  1. You enter and you are given “request your credit”.
  2. You have to complete the form with the data online.
  3. In just 10 minutes, you will get an answer and even, already obtaining a loan, the second only takes 3 minutes, without having to process, because the solvency of the person will be proven.
  4. The requested documents are sent (credential and receipt of light).
  5. The date is coordinated to schedule an appointment in which a specialized Guzman agent takes the contract to the business where it will be signed.
  6. Once the contract is signed, the money will be received on the same day.
  7. With the money in the account, you can expand the business in a comfortable and flexible way.

As far as the interests are concerned, these will be subject to the value of the loan and the amount that has been approved. That said, the average rate that Guzman handles is 5% per month with an average Annual Total Cost of 33.4% excluding VAT. Another factor that influences the interest rate that will be applied to the loan, in addition to the amount, is the invoicing of the company, therefore, it should be noted that by returning the loan in a timely manner and being able to invoice more, the Future loans with Guzman will have a longer term and lower interest rates.

We now turn to the repayment of the loan. The biweekly installments that make up the loan can be paid with CLABE STP, which will be granted simultaneously with the loan and with which you can make payments by electronic transfer. Alternatively, you can also choose to pay at a window in different stores 7-Eleven, Telecomm or OXXO, or any of Banorte’s branches.

What do I need to get a loan?

As previously mentioned, the loans are only for SMEs with SAT, therefore, the requirements to be met are directly connected with fundamental documentation that demonstrates that you work in the formal market. The requirements that you must meet to have access to credits are the following:

  • One has to register and create an account
  • You must have a valid credential to vote
  • Must be a resident of Mexico
  • You have to meet the age range, that is, between 18 and 60 years of age
  • You must be a bank account holder
  • One has to present the billing RFC to personalize your credit and;
  • You must present the last receipt of electricity from your home

It should be noted that Guzman checks both the Credit Bureau and the Credit Circle and this will be taken into account for loan approval. However, they do not make clear on their website the qualification that must be had and there are cases in which they have approved loans to people with debts in their report, so, as such, it will not be a requirement or an impediment to access the financing.


Taking advantage of the lack of attention that small businesses have of the traditional financial system, the Mexican financial startup is presented as a solution. As previously mentioned, it has recently strengthened the foundations to continue with its expansion and maintain itself in the long term thanks to a strong capital injection.

The main advantage of this online loan platform is the help it provides to microenterprises in Mexico that lack access to bank loans to obtain affordable loans. With the use of algorithm technology and data analysis plus the experience of the risk management team, the solvency of the potential client is measured and thus create a highly complete product.

With a market composed of 95% of companies in Mexico, that is, those that have sales of less than 10 million pesos per year and are made up of a team of 1 to 10 people, the product offered by this platform is even made even vital for the economic growth of the country.

Loans for building renovation: on this site you will find in-depth information on loans and credit driving credit

When the days get shorter and the nights get colder, our thoughts could start turning to matters of celebration. Christmas is coming, driving credit and while this should be a reason for excitement and waiting for good family times, for many of us there is something less pleasant in our mind at this time of year. The loans for building season holiday renovation becomes increasingly expensive, and if the money is already tight we might worry about how our finances will cope.

It is very common for people to use a credit card to cover the cost of gifts, food, drink and socialization, with the intention of paying their indulgences in the new year, but this type of credit is quite expensive – especially if good intentions to repay early not very successful and you end up bringing the debt for many months. Another option is to make use of overdraft in the bank, go ‘in the red’ over the holiday season. This is a convenient choice, but has a price – an overdraft is often expensive to maintain, both with a monthly fee and a percentage interest charge. This can make an overdraft almost as expensive as a credit card. There is also the danger that if you overdraw heavily on your account so that you are close to your limit, you are not leaving yourself much more loans for restructuring your financial breath. should an unexpected expense arrive in January. In addition to this, once you have accumulated loans an overdraft can be very difficult to back off in black, particularly if your normal budget leaves you with some spare money for each month.

So what’s the solution to this? Are we destined for a season of celebration of bread and water, alone and unhappy?

Well, maybe a personal loan could be the answer

personal loan

credit guide Taking out a loan, if done thoughtfully and with a specific purpose in mind, can provide the necessary funds to see through the holidays without you plunging poverty for the rest of the year.

First of all, from shopping around you will be able to take advantage of the strong sale of the fifth competition among loan providers, and you should be in building renovation loans able to get credit to yourself at a much cheaper speed than that a credit card loan for building renovation or an overdraft. This means that monthly repayments can be smaller, or alternatively you can cancel the debt much more quickly.

Secondly, a loan is usually arranged on a fixed rate basis, which means that you will know exactly how to restructure building credit as you need to repay every month. This contrasts with the variable rates of credit cards and overdrafts current, which can change from month to month, leaving doubts in your budgeting. Finally, a personal loan is more often repaid in a certain period of time, after which the debt has been canceled. With a credit card, you are trying to make only the minimum repayments, which barely cover the interest charges, leaving the best part of your debt unpaid. This credit guide is loans for building renovation a guaranteed way to enrich the paper company by keeping the debt grind around your neck.

So is a loan for personal building renovation loans the right mortgage solution for you?

renovation loans,mortgage

Credit should never be taken without careful consideration of how it will affect your financial future, and it is, of course, better to live within your means, if possible. However, if you decide that credit is the best way to proceed then a personal loan is often the cheapest and most effective option. For many Americans, it is believed that people who file for bankruptcy are irresponsible with money, that everyone The credit guide filers live outside of their means and flat out mortgages refuse to make bill payments. While there are unfortunate cases where these cases have been found to be true, most causes of failure are uncontrollable. There are seven main factors that can lead to a person filing bankruptcy.

Sale of the Fifth : Time and Requirements for Obtaining It

Do you need a loan and don’t know how to get it? Do you want to request money at favorable rates and without going crazy behind too many complicated practices? How to get a quick and easy loan ? Thanks to the sale of the fifth!

By making use of the fifth of the salary for a loan, it is possible to have the money by providing the bank as a guarantee directly with its salary. Let’s see together with this guide of ours, how do you get a loan through the sale of the fifth.

What is the fifth assignment?

The salary assignment is a particular type of personal loan reserved for employees and also useful for pensioners.

It is called a fifth assignment since the monthly payment to be paid is equal to one fifth of the net salary or to one fifth of the pension and cannot exceed it in any way.

The repayment of the monthly fee is easy and is debited directly from the payroll of the worker or on the slip of his pension. The reimbursement of the fee by the fifth assignment is managed by the employer or directly by the pension institution.

Difference between a personal loan and salary-backed loan

Difference between a personal loan and salary-backed loan

The difference is above all the repayment method for the various monthly installments. If a common personal loan is requested, the installment must be paid with a bulletin or with a direct debit while if you choose the fifth assignment you will pay the installment directly from the salary/pension and the employer or the pension institution will take care of the installment debit.

Workers who have a permanent employment, with residence in Italy and who are between the ages of 18 and 63, can obtain a loan with a salary assignment.

Even all pensioners who do not exceed 85 years of age at the return of the loan and with a pension higher than € 501.89 can apply for a loan with the assignment of the fifth. Self-employed workers cannot apply for a loan through the sale of the fifth.

How to apply for a loan with the sale of the fifth


What documents do I need to present to apply for a loan with a fifth assignment? Here’s the list:

  • Fiscal Code;
  • Unique Certification for employees;
  • Valid identity document;
  • Last paycheck or pension slip.

No need to ask for the help of a guarantor. The guarantee is directly the salary or the pension. The sale of the fifth allows you to apply for a loan even if you have previously had problems with payments.

Even if the assignment of the fifth is an extra guarantee, it is not certain that the bank will accept the loan request through the sale of the fifth, the case will also be subjected to a check.

The installments to be paid

The various installments to be paid for a loan with salary assignment are at a fixed rate. The customer can choose the amount to be paid and the time for repayment at the time the contract is stipulated. The only rule is that the installment does not go beyond a fifth, then 20% , of the salary or a fifth of the pension. We talk about net value.

The reimbursement of the amount by transfer of the fifth occurs with a direct and automatic charge on the pay packet or pension. The maximum duration for the repayment of the loan by a salary transfer can be up to 10 years. The loan can also be repaid early and at any time.

How do you apply for a loan with the sale of the fifth?


A loan with a salary transfer can be requested from any of the BNL branches. To obtain an appointment at the branch and with a BNL representative you can call the branch directly.

You can also make an appointment online on the official BNL site by filling out the appropriate form with your personal data and the time and day chosen.



If you have decided to apply for the loan on the web, you can immediately open a file and have the money in your account in about two days. These fast times are generally only obtained for direct online loan requests.

In the event that you choose to opt for a loan application at a BNL branch, you will be the one in charge of reporting to your client after how long it will be possible to obtain the loan with a fifth assignment on your account. Times may vary from case to case.

Interest payable


Generally for personal loans through the assignment of the fifth, the interests are lower than other types of loans. Despite the reduced rates it is possible to save money by checking the TAN e   the APR

The TAN is the interest rate, the APR is the synthetic total cost of the loan. The APR shows all the commissions that must be paid to obtain a loan.

We remind you that even if you decide to choose the online procedure, you can choose both the conditions of the contract and the TAN and the APR of the loan.

We recommend checking the many possibilities online, before applying for a loan. Doing research also allows you to choose the best and most convenient loan for your needs. With a search it is possible to make comparisons between the TAN and the APR and decide for the most convenient ones.

To understand how much you will pay more or less you can also make a quote. The quote is not binding and can be made online on the website by the official. With a quote you can get an idea about the various interest rates and also about the monthly payment you will be paying.

At the stipulation of the contract, interest and installment may vary from the value indicated in the estimate. The person in charge will assess the individual cases and decide how to proceed. Only when the contract is signed can you be sure of how much you will pay each month and for how long.

Overindebtedness: personal bankruptcy and its consequences

In France, civil bankruptcy in the strict sense of the term may concern persons who live in the Moselle, the Lower Rhine or the Upper Rhine. In the other departments, over-indebted persons may be subject to the measures provided for by the law on overindebtedness.

In the case of self-employed persons, personal bankruptcy is a sanction that can be taken in case of serious irregularities.

In these geographic areas, civil bankruptcy is provided for individuals who are in good faith, but who are totally unable to pay their debts. The debtor can file a case before the competent court which most often pronounces its judicial liquidation. The consequences of this decision are as follows:

  • the judgment is executed immediately. The judge appoints a judge-commissioner, a liquidator and a bailiff to make an inventory of the debtor’s assets;
  • the debtor is invited to contact as soon as possible the study of the liquidator who proceeds to the sale of the property seizable and having a sufficient market value, the debtor being divested of all his goods. He can no longer withdraw cash from his bank account, but the furniture necessary for his life can not be seized;
  • creditors can no longer sue the debtor, nor enter a mortgage on their property;
  • once the liquidation is completed, the judge declares the closure of the proceedings, which in principle has the effect of erasing all debts of the debtor, except those resulting from a criminal conviction.

Finally, the debtor is enrolled in the FICP for five years, which prevents him from obtaining a bank credit. Additional information is available on various sites dedicated to personal bankruptcy .

The personal recovery procedure

This is the procedure that applies in other French departments. If the insolvency of the debtor is such that he can not pay his debts, even if a conventional recovery plan is put in place, he may ask the enforcement judge to grant him the benefit of the personal recovery.

The execution judge organizes a hearing at which the debtor and his creditors are summoned, and he opens the proceedings at the end of this hearing. Then, a report of the situation of the taxpayer is established and the judge has a delay of four months to take one of the following decisions:

  • closure of the proceedings with the cancellation of the debts of the debtor;
  • establishment of a conventional recovery plan where possible;
  • judicial liquidation of the debtor if he possesses property of sufficient value that can be seized.

Personal recovery involves enrollment in the FICP for a period of five years.

Personal bankruptcy provided for by the French Commercial Code 

This penalty may be imposed on a merchant, a self-employed person or a company executive following the bankruptcy of the company. It is taken in case of dishonesty or serious incompetence, especially in the following cases:

  • abuse of corporate property or behaving as if the property of the company belonged to it;
  • serious accounting irregularities, fictitious accounting;
  • pursuit for a personal purpose of an activity resulting in losses and leading the company to the cessation of payments;
  • diversion or dissipation of assets;
  • maintenance of the company in artificial survival with a view to delaying the opening of a collective procedure.

The consequences of a bankruptcy of an officer are the following:

  • prohibition to run a company or carry on a business activity throughout the duration of the sanction;
  • prohibition of the exercise of elected office

And personal bankruptcy in Quebec?

And personal bankruptcy in Quebec?

As in Alsace-Lorraine, personal bankruptcy also exists across the Atlantic in Canada. This is a well-known reality in Quebec, a French-speaking land par excellence. Here too, personal bankruptcy is an individual’s right to protect oneself against one’s creditors.

Of course there are always disadvantages to not invite individuals to raise debts they will never pay. In Quebec, the consequences are similar to those in Alsace-Moselle, as in the seizure of movable property. But all so-called “liberal” debts will be canceled, including those relating to taxes, mortgages, car loans or credit card-related – among other possibilities.

The 5 signs that prove you have debt problems


Did you know that more than 40% of Quebecers are systematically worried about their financial situation?

For many reasons, your financial situation has the potential to deteriorate over time and you can quickly find yourself in a situation of overindebtedness. To avoid being overwhelmed by your debts, it is important to quickly realize that you are in financial trouble before it is too late.

For this, the bankruptcy trustee N. Séguin presents you with 7 signs showing that you probably have debt problems.


1. Your income does not pay back your expenses


To get a good financial situation, your income must be greater than your expenses. In revenues, you can include:

  • Your salary
  • Your family benefits and your alimony
  • Your housing allowance
  • Employment Insurance benefits
  • Any other income you can collect

Your expenses consist of:

  • Your rent
  • Your credit card payments or loans
  • Your food expenses
  • Your personal expenses
  • Your insurance
  • Any other expense

In the event that your income is lower than your expenses, you are certainly in a worrying financial situation. The income / expense ratio should be at least equivalent, although you do not have a margin of safety for contingencies.


2. Your month ends are difficult


More than 39% of Quebecers report having difficulties at the end of the month to pay their bills. This quickly becomes an alarming sign for debt problems.

When you pay your bills late or leave them unpaid, your debts accumulate and you are quickly overwhelmed over the months. It is important to act quickly before you end up without electricity or housing, for example.


3. You fight with your credit cards

 3. You fight with your credit cards


The credit card says a lot about your financial situation and your debt problems. If any of these situations apply to you, this could alert you to:

  • You have trouble repaying the full amount of your credit cards
  • You pay only the minimum required for your credit cards
  • Your bank accounts are uncovered
  • You already had your credit card declined in store
  • You are using a credit card to pay the balance of another credit card

If the amount of your credit cards frequently exceeds your repayment capacity, you risk debt problems.


4. You are asking for help


Debt problems often result in seeking help from family, friends and relatives. You want to have your credit card reimbursed by your peers in order to remedy your financial situation. This can prevent more frequent debt problems.


5. You are worried


Debt problems are a big source of stress, worry and upheaval. You have trouble sleeping well and are afraid of your financial future. These negative feelings prove your financial uncertainty. Regulating your debt problems will prevent you from being in a psychologically uncomfortable situation.


These signs are similar to your current financial situation and you are experiencing debt problems, contact our bankruptcy trustee N. Séguin. We accompany you to regulate and correct your debt problems with debt consolidation , consumer proposal and personal bankruptcy .